The fine folks over at lacrosseplayground.com have posted a nice piece about Mustache Lou and Workhorse Lax.  Check it out! Also, buy a Mustache Lou shirt and we will donate $3 to the HEADstrong Foundation. 
     The Lax Saves Lives campaign is here.  Growing up in New York... the need for game growth in lacrosse didn't seem necessary.  Our team was focused on an upcoming game against one of the Powell brothers and company, or if a lacrosse ball was going to break any car windows since there was so much snow the teams had to practice in the parking lot. Club lacrosse meant, either literally you were going to get clubbed or yet another one of my friends set up a full field in their back yard and lax was about to go down at any moment.  Now that I have moved out of away from a lacrosse hotbed, I have seen this happen once.... and it was not a full field with a standard sized goal in the back yard... it was a small, plastic goal and 4 kids shooting into one net.  I knew I had to do something about this.  
     I feel a sense of camaraderie with anyone I see with a lax stick in their hands.  I did not always have the best stick skills and many of my friends made sure I knew it... but I was going to catch you if you had the ball and you weren't going to catch me, if I had the ball.  That was my only mission and it has shaped the way I approach everything in life... play to my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses.  Workhorse is not a brand... it is an approach.  It is an way of life that will keep anyone who adopts this approach focused on making the most of every second of their existence.  If you wonder if you are a workhorse... two questions should have the following answers.

Workhorse:  "Did you put everything you had into     insert activity here     ?"
You:  "Yes."
Workhorse:  "Will you be satisfied with the same performance next time?"
You:  "No."  
Workhorse: "You are a Workhorse.  Welcome to the Revolution."

The END.